Monday, August 9, 2010

Trapped!! acids o' bases...

Chemistry lab.. Uhh.. Being a chemistry student.. I must tell you that... when you are in the lab you feel like a scientist.. The way the stuff you do is what makes you feel it.. You get to find out the compound from mere pinch of sample.. When you feel the heat.. the smell.. the big acid bottles tagged in lines, the interesting instruments.. you just feel like you're having something real entertainment.. mixing of solutions.. acids, bases.. Then sudden change of colors of solutions.. sudden change of odour.. sudden bubbling of liquids.. sudden formation of white-white smoke.. running with the beaker outside the lab due to the unbearable odour formed by the smoke.. lately after classes.. again coming back to the same lab to progress the experiment.. that urged to completely it perfectly and yea.. sooner than others!! What an experience!! Huh!! I'm lovin' it..

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Some snaps of my chemistry life...


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